Algebra 1



  1. Assigned Thursday 5/30, due Monday 6/3:

Three Things:  1. Finish the Final Exam Review Worksheet Part I (which has been a work in progress for a while now).  As you work, take notes about the strategies and formulas you're using that should be on your notecard!  2. Finish the worksheet problems assigned in class today: 7.1 Practice A, 11.2 Practice B, 11.2 Practice C.  You may skip 7.1 Practice B for now.  3. Begin working on Final Exam Review Worksheet Part II.  I highly recommend that you finish #1-26 by Monday, and will be checking your progress in class on Monday.

Remember: come see me during flex on Friday if you need a focused place to work through all of this homework!

  1. Assigned Wed 5/29, due Thurs 5/30: Finish Joke Worksheet 16.4 (Trigonometry) and Final Exam Review Packet #23-26 all.

  2. Assigned Tues 5/28, due Wed 5/29: Final Exam Review Packet #1-17 all.  (Please check your answers with those that are printed on the last page of the packet!)

  3. Assigned Fri 5/24, due Tues 5/28: p.740 #1, 3-15 odd (in simplest radical form), 23-27 odd, 34, 35, 39-50 all

  4. Assigned Thurs 5/23, due Fri 5/24: Pythagorean Theorem Joke Worksheet 16.2: What do you call an occupied restroom on an airplane?  Show all of your work, including copies of the figures and diagrams, on a separate sheet of paper.

  5. Assigned Tues 5/21, due Thurs 5/23: Finish the Pythagorean Theorem Worksheet (16.1) for Thursday's class.  It's titled, "What did Dr. Dripp say to the bleeding kid who refused to get stitches?"

  6. Assigned Mon 5/20, due Tues 5/21: Complete both sides of the joke worksheet we began working through last Thursday: p. 15.6 (After naming their first three children. . . ) and and p. D-40 (Do elephants know how to gamble?).  Also, remember to bring your first final exam review packet to class with you!

  7. Assigned Thurs 5/16, due Fri 5/17: Simplifying radical expressions & combining like terms joke WS.  Finish at least #1-12, more if you are able to keep going & it makes sense! (how far can you go?)

  8. Assigned Wed 5/15, due Thurs 5/16: Your homework is to finish the Joke Worksheet "What did Dr. Drone say to the guy who thought he was a $100 bill?”  Show your work on a separate sheet of paper, following all of the steps that we did in class today.  (See your email for a copy of today's notes.)

  9. Assigned Wed 5/8, due Mon 5/13: Graphing Quadratic Equations WS: finish #18-20.  Also try completing the table on #21!  We will be taking a quiz over this material on Monday, and our class does not meet again before then.

  10. Assigned Tues 5/7, due Wed 5/8: Graphing Quadratic Equations WS: finish #13-17 (Remember that you're prepping for a quiz!  Do you know the steps/what you're looking for?)

  11. No homework assigned Friday 5/3

  12. Assigned Wed 5/1, due Fri 5/3: p. 647 #3, 5, 7 (Find the x-intercepts for each quadratic by factoring or using the quadratic formula.  Find the vertex for the parabola, and determine whether it opens up or down.  Finally, graph the parabola by finding two additional points on the graph of the function.)

  13. Assigned Wed 4/24, due Thurs 4/25: Factoring Test Review p. 620 #51-66 all (skip #57)

  14. Assigned Fri 4/19, due Tues 4/23: Factoring Completely p. 621 #14-22 all

  15. Assigned Tues 4/16, due Wed 4/17: Factoring Trinomials: Do #1-10 on the “Algebra Diet” worksheet that we started in class today.  Decode the joke, too!

  16. Assigned Mon 4/15, due Tues 4/16: Factoring Trinomials: Do #1-10 on the “Algebra Diet” worksheet that we started in class today.  Decode the joke, too!

  17. Assigned Fri 4/12, due Mon 4/15: Complete the factoring worksheets that you started in class today: Factoring Review GCF and Factor by Grouping and "Why didn't the piano work?".  Show all of your work on a separate sheet of paper, and check your work as you go!

  18. Assigned Tues 4/9, due Thurs 4/11: Factor By Grouping Worksheet #35-55 all

  19. Assigned Mon 4/8, due Tues 4/9: Greatest Common Factors: p. 578 #17-24 all and #40-45 all

  20. Assigned Thurs 3/21, due Fri 3/22: Factoring GCFs: p. 578 #17-26 all, 40-45 all (Check your work by re-distributing the GCF and by checking with BOB!)

  21. Assigned Thurs 3/14, due Mon 3/18: WS 9.1 #1-15 all, WS 9.2 #1-21 all (Please be sure to check your answers with those that are printed on the back of your packet!)

  22. Classwork/Homework assigned 3/13, due Fri 3/15: p. 557 #4-34 even, p. 559 #43-48 all, p. 565 #4-42 even

  23. Assigned Tues 3/12, due Wed 3/13: p. 565 #3-41 odd.  Write down the problems & show all work on a separate sheet of paper!  If you get stuck, remember to check out the examples in your textbook.

  24. Assigned Tues 3/5, due Wed 3/6: When do you use the distributive property?  Do p. 946#1-2; p. 557#17-20, #11-16 (Is it a polynomial?  Answer "yes" or "no" with an explanation!)

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Tentative Assessment Schedule:

Quiz: Graphing Quadratics & Simplifying Radical Expressions